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XPRESS Cleaning Services Offers Stripping and Waxing for Residential and Commercial Buildings

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At XPRESS Cleaning Services in El Paso, we provide top of the line cleaning services for your home or office floors. With each job completed, your floors will be cleaner than ever. Others might even think they’re brand new! We take pride in the finished outcome and are committed to providing 100 percent satisfaction to all of our customers. So if you’re in need of professional stripping and wax, look no further than XPRESS Cleaning Services, your trusted floor cleaning company in El Paso.

Floors That Require Stripping and Waxing

Most commercial building floors require maintenance given the heavy traffic they see day-in and day-out.

We provide cleaning services for the following types of floors:

  • Natural stone
  • Ceramic floors
  • Vinyl or linoleum floors (tiles)

The Process of Stripping and Wax

Using high-quality cleaning products, we will leave your floors clean, shiny, and attractive for months to come. Here’s what our process involves:

  • Floor Stripping: We will remove the top coat of wax as well as other buildup. In this step of the process, floors are stripped from dirt and grime. They are left bare for the next step involving sealant.
  • Sealant: Once the floors are stripped, they are sealed with a high-quality sealer. From here, we’ll buff the surface and give it that beautiful shine. By applying a sealer and gloss, your floors will look cleaner longer and reduce the number of new marks. Moreover, floors will be guarded against abrasion and penetration.
  • Waxing: When we wax floors, they receive a deep protective glow that makes them appear brand new.

How Often Do Your Floors Need Cleaning?

For Homes: Your home floors may require cleaning every two weeks depending on the traffic and activity that takes place on a daily basis. For example, if you have indoor animals, you may need cleaning at least once a week to keep floors clean. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, it is also a good idea to have your floors cleaned every week. We can accommodate your needs and preferences.

For Commercial Buildings: For buildings that see heavy traffic, it is recommended to have your floors thoroughly cleaned once per week. We can target stubborn areas with deeper cleaning services every two weeks and then perform weekly cleaning to ensure floors are free of stains, dust, and debris. If you require thorough cleaning right before a special occasion, we can accommodate that as well.

We Provide Residential and Commercial Services

No job is too big or too small. As a floor cleaning company, we service homes and buildings of all sizes.

We clean the following:

  • Private homes
  • Daycares or education centers
  • Schools
  • Retail buildings
  • Medical offices
  • Gym facilities
  • Vet offices
  • Restaurants
  • Car dealerships
  • Religious facilities
  • Theaters
  • Warehouses

The Benefits of Professional Floor Care

Using advanced tools and cleaning supplies, XPRESS Cleaning Services will transform your home or office floors to brand new condition. Our goal is to provide affordable cleaning services rates with long-lasting benefits. We know traditional methods are time-consuming, costly, and nowhere near as effective as professional cleaning services. Benefits of professional floor care include:

  • Improve the overall appearance of your building.
  • Improve health by minimizing dust, germs, and other allergens.
  • Improve longevity of floors remaining clean.

Learn More About Our Professional Floor Care Services

Whether your floor is in need of light to heavy work, our professional cleaning services will target your needs. We accommodate all types of schedules with 24-hour service available. Upon completion of the job, we will ensure surfaces are safe for walking. Connect with us today to create a clean, aesthetically-pleasing, and healthy environment. We look forward to serving you!

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