Four Things Cleanliness Says About Your Business

janitorial suppliesThere are a lot of factors that come into play when looking to achieve customer satisfaction. One often overlooked variable is that of cleanliness and order in your place of business.  You want your customers to feel welcome and safe when they walk in. Making customers feel at home in your business is part of the indispensable trust that is imperative for a business to establish. Our professional janitorial services at Xpress will get your business started on the right foot every day.

1. You Are Trustworthy

When someone walks into your facility and the first impressions they receive are that of dirty floors, stained chairs, broken tables, or unpleasant smells they will immediately experience a negative reaction. The potential for a good first impression is forever shattered. In contrast, when a customer is greeted with a clean and orderly facility, they trust you.

Cleanliness is not just about aesthetics and impressions, but it is closely tied to a safe and healthy work environment. Keeping things clean means that you take your customers health and well being into consideration. Professional janitorial services help you establish that trust by ensuring your place is immaculate and shining with positive energy.

2. You Take Pride in Your Work

A store or facility that showcases a care for cleanliness and order will communicate that you take pride in your work. No matter what kind of work you do, taking pride in doing things right is in every businesses top priority. All businesses take their work very seriously and feel they are the best at what they do. So no matter who your customers are, presenting a facility that shows attention to detail and tidiness will suggest that you are proud of what you do and take the time to do it right.

3.  You Care About Your Employees

Working in a clean environment actually increases employee productivity and improves mood. You don’t want your employees worried about cleaning if their job is to attend to customers. This will cause distraction and likely to bog down production and customer service. Your employees and their demeanor also say something about how you run your business. If employees are in a safe and clean environment, they are likely to transfer that to the consumer. Having your employees work in a grimy and disorderly environment communicates indifference to their health, but also to the health of your customer.

4. You Are Diligent and Detail Oriented

No matter what kind of work you do —whether you sell shoes, prepare taxes, perform oil changes, wash cars or whether you are a product warehouse, a medical clinic, retail store, or restaurant —a prioritized sense of order and cleanliness indicates to your customer that you are detail oriented. Professional janitorial services will communicate professionalism and a sense of good management and regulation.  This tells your customer you are less likely to rush through a job or take shortcuts; instead, you are the kind of business that takes the time to investigate and do things right.

Get Clean With Xpress

At Xpress, we know the importance of cleanliness. We take care of the hard part for you and we work with your busy schedule. Our professional janitorial services will clean hard to reach places and leave your facility feeling brand new and refreshed. Call us today to get your place clean and to communicate to customers how much you care.

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