From the Microwave to Your Keyboard — Is Your Office Building Making You Sick?

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Employees spend about 40 hours a week at work, some more, some less. Regardless of the total amount of hours spent in an office, there is behavior that creates unseen bacteria on everything from desks, the computer mouse and keyboard, the handles of the refrigerator and microwave, telephones, and the entire bathroom.

One study found that the typical office desk gathers 400 times more germs than the typical toilet seat! (Yikes!) In the study, the telephone had the most germs with 25,127 followed by the desk surface with 20,961 germs. Unfortunately, those germs tend to hang around creating viruses that exist for months on end. With a failure to clean on a regular basis, employees are more likely to get sick. And what’s even worse is that many of those sick employees continue to come to work, spreading the virus further.

Your office’s lack of cleanliness could be what is causing yourself and employees to get sick. So what can you do to prevent this from happening? We have some recommendations that you can begin applying today:

1. Wipe Down At the End of the Day

Keep cleaning wipes around the office where workers can easily access them. It’s a good idea to have your workers take a few minutes at the end of the day or before leaving to wipe down items like their computer mouse, keyword, and the surface of their desk. Some employers even create a crew who volunteer a couple of minutes to wipe down desks and empty trash bins. By doing this, you can easily eliminate some of the everyday germs that gather from eating, drinking, and just being inside the office.   

2. Encourage Employees to Wash Their Hands As Often As Necessary

All employees should wash their hands after using the bathroom but you can also encourage them to wash or use hand sanitizer throughout the day. Germs spread when people cough or sneeze into their arms. Instead, you should recommend coughing into the inner arm and turning away from their desk. Another way germs spread through the hands is when people eat. Failure to wash your hands after eating will spread germs to the surfaces you touch thereafter. Try keeping hand sanitizer around the office for quick access.    

3. Hire Professional Cleaning Services

It would be impossible to expect your team to thoroughly clean the office to the standards of a professional cleaning company. So while it’s beneficial to follow recommendations 1 and 2, you should also realize the importance of professional cleaning services. Professional cleaners know all the areas that require thorough cleaning as well as the areas that often lack cleaning. They can also save you time and money! Sick employees cost the company money. Production often suffers when team members call out sick and making up time is often impossible. In the U.S. the cost of worker illness averages $225.8 billion annually according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Your company can avoid being apart of that number!        

Rely on Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

If you’ve noticed that your employees are constantly sick, it’s time to evaluate how clean your office truly is and what other measures you can take to end the vicious cycle. At Xpress Cleaning Services, we stress the importance of professional commercial cleaning services with good reason. Even if you put into place a strict cleaning policy for employees to follow, it’s nearly impossible for everyone to follow it to a tee and the important areas can easily be missed. With reliable professional commercial cleaning services, you can feel confident knowing you’re taking the necessary steps to prevent office illness.

Contact us today to learn about our affordable professional commercial cleaning services. We’ll ensure your office is the cleanest it’s ever been!

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