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Over time, the majority of warehouses accumulate dirt, chemical buildup, and other potentially toxic materials. It should be no surprise given that tools, supplies, and heavy equipment are constantly coming in and out of the building. However, this type of environment can easily become hazardous to workers. For that reason, it is critical to clean and sanitize the building on a consistent basis. Our professional warehouse cleaning services are designed to create a safer environment for you and your employees.

Creating a clean workspace for your employees is not only important for health reasons but it also helps improve worker productivity. When employees feel safe, they are more likely to report to work and perform at higher levels. Allow us to assist you in creating a place where your team looks forward to working and that they are proud to represent.

We Provide Comprehensive Cleaning Services in El Paso For All Types of Warehouses

Our list of services includes:

  • Chemical buildup
  • HVAC duct cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Other decontamination

What You Can Expect From Our Services

At XPRESS Cleaning Services, our goal is to leave your warehouse feeling brand new. Our commitment to our customers is unmatched to that of other providers. Each cleaning job we perform is guaranteed with 100 percent customer-satisfaction.

Our cleaning services assist with the following:

  • Check for debris in hidden areas
  • Tackle hard-to-clean surfaces
  • Decontaminate the building
  • Sanitize surfaces
  • Eliminate chemical buildup

Who Do We Service?

We service warehouses of all sizes in the El Paso area. This includes distribution centers, climate-controlled warehouses, private warehouses, packing warehouses, automated storage, manufacturing facilities, industrial buildings, and many others.

Why Should You Outsource Warehouse Cleaning?

If you currently rely on in-house cleaning, perhaps by your own staff, there are reasons you’ll want to consider outsourcing. In outsourcing your warehouse cleaning to XPRESS Cleaning Services, your place of work will receive a thorough top-to-bottom clean that will have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Here are more of the primary reasons you should consider outsourcing your warehouse cleaning:

  • It’s Cost-effective. Our professional staff is training to get more done in less time and does so with the best supplies. For you, this means spending less money on in-house cleaning supplies and the process of hiring employees to fill these roles.
  • Experience. You will notice a significant difference when our professional staff finishes a job because of their experience. Each member of our team is skilled, trustworthy, and well-qualified to perform the toughest of jobs.
  • Flexible and Responsive. We understand the often hectic and busy environment of warehouses, which is why we work around your needs. Our response rate is quick and we take pride in our ability to address issues as soon as they’re brought to our attention.

We Accommodate You and Your Busy Schedule

Part of our commitment to you is being available at a time that works for you. We know it’s impossible to clean during production hours. For that reason, we are happy to schedule a time that is more suitable for you and your team. Whether it’s as soon as the workday ends, a day when you’re closed, or in the early morning hours. We do our best to meet your desired time.

Learn More About Our Warehouse Cleaning Services

By creating a clean warehouse, you will see benefits beyond a safer and risk-free building. To learn more about how XPRESS Cleaning Services can make your warehouse a safe environment all year round, please connect with us today. We’re committed to providing customer-centered cleaning services with a focus on restoration, decontamination, and sanitation. Our affordable rates also make us one of the most competitive cleaning businesses in El Paso. We look forward to servicing you!

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