Don’t let the increase in production and distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines stop you from keeping a clean home. Coronavirus infections continue surging across the country. This is the point where you must stay diligent and ensure your home is clean, sanitized, and disinfected in order to keep a happy and healthy home.

Cleaning is not enough.

Simply cleaning your home regularly is not enough to kill pathogens like coronavirus. We’ve talked about the importance of sanitizing and disinfecting your surfaces and common areas like doorknobs. Schedule a deep cleaning with a professional cleaning company. Not only do we have the equipment to best deep clean, but we also only use hospital grade chemicals to sanitize and disinfect. Give yourself a good base of clean.

Don’t forget the basics.

Even when cleaning your home, don’t forget to use gloves and wash your hands regularly. It’s easy to forget to wash your hands at home, not just after using the bathroom.

Follow instructions.

When using household disinfectants it is important to read and follow the proper instructions for the product. Not only does this ensure safety but more importantly effective use of the product. Contrary to popular belief, disinfectants aren’t simply sprayed or applied for them to work 100%. There’s a certain amount of time a chemical must remain wet on a surface for it to work properly before it is wiped away. Don’t let the hours you spent cleaning be for nothing.

Stay diligent. Find a balance.

COVID is still spreading. Still hospitalizing thousands. Still taking loved ones lives. Stay protected. Stay clean, sanitized, and disinfected. Find a balance between the cleaning you can do regularly and the deep cleaning only a professional company can do like Xpress Cleaning Services. It’s the most effective way to keep a healthy home this 2021.